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Corporate Event Marketing Association

In 2016 I began working with a wonderful organization that I would grow to become an integral part of. At first I supported their membership system and did some basic marketing strategy in the form of newsletters and outreach. Over time I've grown to be a consultant for their yearly marketing projects as well as the developer that builds out the supporting systems for their marketing endeavors. Here are some examples of those systems and marketing strategies:

Guy Kornblum

Kornblum, Cochran, Erickson & Harrbison

In 2016 I began working with KCEH Law on primarily their website. That first interaction gave me some insight about how this lawfirm worked. A couple years later they decided to upgrade their site. While we were building the site, Guy Kornblum, the President and Senior Partner, asked what my thoughts were on their current marketing. After a long discussion it was decided that I could help them promote better and to more a more direct demographic. Since then I've built out entire branding packages, informational booklets to help outreach, and radio commercials as well as a robust Google Ads system. Since 2016 we've been able to double their yearly cases and even get 7 times as many calls which have turned into even more word of mouth. Overall they've generated $1 million more than before we began working on their marketing strategy.

Since that initial site KCEH has become Guy Kornblum Law and has added new lawyers into their ecosystem which we have also helped market.

Guy Kornblum

Kornblum, Cochran, Erickson & Harrbison



Over the years we have worked directly with Serendipity to constantly keep their site up to date and top of the Google Search engine. Though they have competition in their area they have consistently been the top salon in our area. We've worked with them on their appearance and photography. We've built out UI/UX for their appointments and we've maintained their social presence as well.

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