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Over the span of my expansive X+ year career in the ever-evolving realm of technology, I have specialized in the meticulous craft of dynamic code, the pioneering of innovative front-end solutions, and the relentless pursuit of refining UI/UX designs to reach new heights of excellence. The genesis of my tech journey was marked by a deep dive into the intricate world of UI/UX within the dynamic field of game development, where I honed my skills in creating interfaces that not only engaged users but also seamlessly blended functionality with aesthetic appeal. This formative phase laid the groundwork for my subsequent pivot to web development in 2014.

This pivotal shift saw me leveraging the rich tapestry of my game design background to expedite the creation of code that embodies a rare fusion of elegance and efficiency, perfectly tailored for the dynamic landscape of the web. The synergy between game design principles and web development has not only accelerated my ability to craft sophisticated solutions but has also imbued my work with a distinctive flair, setting it apart in an ever-crowded digital space. Throughout this transformative journey, my portfolio serves as a visual chronicle, reflecting my commitment to delivering not only functionally robust but visually stunning and adaptable codebases.

The canvas of my contributions extends across a diverse spectrum, from catering to the nuanced needs of small businesses to leaving an indelible mark on the digital footprints of major, well-known corporations. My commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the realms of code and design remains unwavering, ensuring that each solution I deliver is not just a product but an experience marked by its quality, adaptability, and aesthetic brilliance. This relentless pursuit of innovation and continuous evolution has endowed me with a comprehensive skill set, enabling me to approach challenges with a holistic and creative mindset, solidifying my standing as a thought leader at the forefront of technology and design innovation.



I have been working with HTML for 10+ years since 2012 when I built a website to support my new game company.


At the same time I began developing with HTML I also began learning CSS. I'm constantly learning new and innovative ways to use CSS and Javascript.


As I was building websites I realized early on a need for more dynamic options. I learned Javascript in 2014 and am still learning to this day.


While learning the Bootstrap Libraries I also found that learning jQuery helped to streamline my efficiency with javascript and integrated well into custom built solutions and could even work along side PHP comfortably.


Starting in 2016 I began expanding my abilities into CMS solutions. I found out immediately that PHP was the preferred language for these systems.

WordPress Libraries

One of the first CMS systems I learned was WordPress. I immediately fell in love with the custimizability with the system and dove right in. I now have a working knowledge of the WordPress PHP libraries and theme generation.


Early in 2018 I was put directly in charge of a new client who needed an intelligent and user friendly eCommerce site. That site was built in Shopify which uses the Liquid language.

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When learning the liquid languag it relies heavily on the JSON architecture for schema information as well as dynamic options. I learned this along with learning liquid


In 2019 I began looking into React as a solution to some of the limitations of Javascript. I found a passion for the languages and have been growing my knowledge base ever since.

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