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Christina Pimentel

Christina Pimentel

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Life Coach

Christina Pimentel has had a passion for exercise since childhood. Throughout the years her pursuits have included dance, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, yoga, hiking, boxing, and Jeet Kune Do; all of which eventually lead her to her greatest exercise passion: weightlifting.

She enjoys training people in the fundamentals of traditional weight training to
establish a solid foundation of body awareness, overall strength, and endurance through full range of motion while maintaining excellent body mechanics. It is her belief and experience that this is essential for injury prevention and recovery.

Christina began pursuing her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2018 and as such has added Qi Gong and Tai Ji to her exercise regime. She has a deep passion for supporting people in living more healthy and balanced lives.